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Solbam's Recommended List of Local Bars and Eateries

Solbam presents its meticulously curated selection of local bars and eateries for your consideration. Our team has thoughtfully compiled this list to ensure that you have an exceptional experience while exploring the city.

Whether you are a connoisseur of fine beverages or a lover of delectable cuisine, this list has something to offer. From charming bars serving handcrafted cocktails to cozy eateries showcasing local flavors, each establishment on this list has been personally vetted and recommended by our knowledgeable team members.

This list encompasses a diverse range of establishments. It includes a K-BBQ spots renowned for its delectable pork belly, a relaxed eatery situated in Sinsa-dong Alley where one can savor local seafood dishes while enjoying soju, a cozy café that serves exceptional coffee, and a Michelin-starred restaurant known for its impeccable ambiance and some nice bar with exquisite cocktails. Each entry on the list is personally recommended by a member of the Solbam team. To assist you in making informed decisions, we have included essential details such as location, operating hours, and a brief description of the ambiance and specialties of each venue. We want your exploration of the city's culinary scene to be a memorable and enjoyable journey, and this list is designed to enhance your experience.

Trust in Solbam's expertise and venture into these local gems, where you can savor the vibrant flavors and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of our beloved city!


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