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SOLBAM is only open for Dinner from Monday to Saturday from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Online Reservations within 60 days can be made by yourself via 'catchtable'.


Also, only via email inquiries, reservations within 3 months are available.

(If it's January 15th, You can make reservations until April 15th)

* This policy is only applied to international guests (local reservation is open for 2 months)


​Catchtable : Our online reservation system

 - You can check available dates on our system for next 60 days.

     * example: June 11th - reservation until August 11th is opened

International Reservations for 3 months can be made via e-mail.

★ Tips for International Reservations:

We are normally fully booked., so it may be frustrating for you to look at our online system, Catchtable)

Still, we have some available dates in 3 months, so we gently recommend you to plan ahead via e-MAIL.

If you let us know your stay (dates) in Korea, we will get back to you with available options!

Thank you for considering to visit SOLBAM.

Booking Policy

  • Recommended Dress code is a formal dress.

  • Young guests 13 years and older are welcome to join us provided they will enjoy the Tasting Menu experience.

  • Any allergies and food restrictions must be noticed in advance.

  • Wine Corkage is only allowed for 1 bottle and the price is KRW 150,000.


Cancellation Policy

​  We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible dining experience. 

  For this reason, we need a guarantee fee to prevent no-shows on a pre-booking basis.

  This is a form of deposit guarantee and will be automatically canceled on the day of reservation with the entrance to the restaurant.


  • Dinner guarantee: KRW 180,000 per person


​  Reservation change or cancellation is possible until 4 days before with no penalty.

  And due to unavoidable circumstances, penalties will be incurred according to the following regulations.


  • 4 days (or more) before: 100% refund

  • 3 days before: 80% refund

  • 2 days before: 50% refund

  • One day before: 20% refund

  • Cancellation/No-show on the day: No refund.


If the number of confirmed reservations is not met, the same rules will be followed by each period.

솔밤은 전석 사전 예약제입니다.

내국인 예약은 전화, 카카오톡, 캐치테이블을 이용해주세요.
(070-4405-7788 / Kakao 채널검색 : 솔밤)

  1. 예약 시 알러지를 유발하는 음식은 반드시 사전에 알려주세요. (당일 변경 어려움)

  2. 코스 식사가 어려운 유아 및 아동은 예약이 불가합니다.  (13세 이상 출입가능)

  3. 1인, 룸, 단체예약은 전화로 문의 바랍니다.

  4. 예약 응대시간은 월~토 13:30~ 22:30입니다. (일요일 휴무)

  5. 외부 주류 반입은 규격 750ml 기준 와인 한 병만 가능하며, 금액은 150,000원 입니다.

  6. 예약 취소 및 인원 수 변동, 기타 예약 관련된 변동사항은  4일 전까지 확정 부탁드립니다.

      (이후 인원 수 변동 불가, 매장 내 상황에 따라 인원 수 추가가 불가할 수 있음)

  * 예약금 환불 정책 안내 *
   - 4일 또는 그 전: 전액 환불

   - 3일 전 : 예약금의 80% 환불
   - 2일 전 : 예약금의 50% 환불
   - 1일 전 : 예약금의 20% 환불
   - 당일 취소 및 No-show 환불 불가
     (예약 인원 미달 시에도 같은 규정을 따릅니다.)

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