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Solbam 2.0 Notice

We are delighted to present a preview of Solbam 2.0.

New Location: 2F Solbam

231 Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Witness the entrance to the redefined Solbam—an outcome of meticulous contemplation, integrating new elements while preserving continuity with our initial space. Symbolic materials on the walls convey the anticipated textures and sensibilities within the restaurant.

Upon entering, a distinct Solbam experience awaits. The reception area, a carefully designed space, offers respite from daily concerns, extending a warm welcome to those entering our establishment. Relax in a comfortable lounge chair, basking in the glow of a bonfire, while sampling four delectable welcome dishes curated by Solbam.

The reception area serves as the locale where Solbam's welcoming culinary creations are promptly prepared. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of visiting a friend's home, where the kitchen and service teams extend heartfelt greetings.

Take note of the Champagne selection in the lounge. Before entering the main dining area, indulge in a glass or bottle of champagne on special occasions. Head Sommelier Dongyeon Ko has curated a meticulous selection proposing various characters.

The main dining hall offers a more expansive and relaxed ambiance compared to our current space, striking a balance between privacy and openness, with a glimpse of the open kitchen. If you have visited our initial space, you will perceive our adaptability as we evolve, akin to the growth of children into adolescence and adulthood.

A noteworthy feature in Solbam's main space is the long service table. We consider the service station an integral part of the kitchen, where teamwork seamlessly brings together excellent drinks and intricately crafted dishes. Witness this synergy while observing the open service table and kitchen.

Enter another unique space—the Solbam Wine Room. Similar to chefs having kitchens, sommeliers possess wine cellars. This standalone room invites you to explore our wine collection, engaging all five senses with its array of colors and philosophy. Wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs should not overlook this distinctive experience, particularly for post-dining desserts.

Two private rooms have been thoughtfully prepared for those seeking a more intimate setting. In Solbam 2.0, we have collaborated with Seoul's Gallery Artecay to showcase the works of esteemed Korean artists, fostering a connection with the local art scene. If intrigued, feel free to inquire about a guide to the artworks.

Solbam will continue to offer its best menus in the current space until Feb. 17, 2024. Following a brief maintenance period of approximately nine days, we anticipate reopening at the end of February in our new location. Reservations for the revamped space will resume on February 15th, at 13:30 via Catchtable and telephone.

While our kitchen space has undergone enhancements, providing a more spacious and delightful experience, the unwavering warmth and passion of our team remain constant. Join us in this new chapter as we endeavor to deliver even better food and service.

Thank you for your continued support.


Chef Eom Taejun and the Solbam Team


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