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Solbam X arte.K (2)Nam Sangwoon

In the summer of 2024, Solbam proudly presents the mysterious and meditative works of artist Nam Sang-un.

Solbam is a restaurant that reimagines familiar ingredients in Korean cuisine through a "Neo-Classic" theme. Believing that a meal is enriched by multisensory experiences, Solbam has collaborated with various craft artists and creators in Korea since its opening.

Inspired by a museum motif, Solbam offers a calm and elegant space where you are the protagonist of your own narrative. Here, food, crafts, and stunning artworks blend seamlessly to create unforgettable memories.

Starting in spring 2024, Solbam will collaborate with Seoul-based gallery Artek to feature works by notable Korean artists. Our commitment to community, support for talented artists, and shared growth embodies the true essence of sustainability and cultural richness.

Solbam is not just a dining venue but a place to experience art with all your senses. This season, we are delighted to showcase Nam Sang Woon's "Blue Moon" series. With heartfelt dedication from our team, we have prepared a unique blend of culinary and artistic expressions to provide you with a truly special experience.

Arte.K, a subsidiary gallery of K Auction—Korea's largest auction house—actively supports contemporary and emerging artists, contributing significantly to the art world. Solbam and Arte.K share a vision of exploring new perspectives and delivering fresh inspiration through their engagement with artists across various disciplines.

ⓒ Nam Sang Woon

Blue Moon Series by Nam Sang Woon

Nam Sang Woon’s "Blue Moon" series mesmerizes viewers with its ethereal blue light, evoking a cooling sensation in the chest. His round lotus leaves, reminiscent of a luminous full moon, are intricately detailed with dozens of shades of blue. Although these works are oil paintings, their delicate brushstrokes create a misty flow of colors that some mistake for photography. This painstakingly realistic technique, devoid of texture (Matiere), connects deeply with the philosophical symbolism of the lotus leaf, evoking the wonders of nature.

Upon closer examination, the intricate details of Nam’s work reveal profound meaning. The leaf veins symbolize life’s pathways, with each lotus leaf representing an individual life and star. This complexity reflects a harmonious vision of reincarnation and the interconnectedness of all life.

Nam made his public debut in 1998 with his first solo exhibition. He has garnered significant attention for his diverse body of work, and since 2007, his "Blue Moon" series has been a prominent representation of his unique artistic vision. The inspiration for this series came from a "blue screen" his son encountered on a movie set, symbolizing the intersection of virtual and real worlds. Nam aimed to embed this concept into his work, portraying a self-portrait of an era where imagination and reality intertwine.

"I hope you don't see the lotus leaf just as it is," Nam explains. "The leaf could be an abyss or a butterfly. The dozens of blue hues hold multiple meanings—whether representing youth through jeans, the blue sky, or the sea, it’s up to the audience to interpret. Through my painting, I wanted to depict an era where imagination and reality coexist."

During the summer of 2024, you can experience Nam’s enchanting and contemplative works throughout Solbam’s dining halls, rooms, and corridors. His art, deeply appreciative of nature's immeasurable depth, aligns with Solbam's heart and mission, offering a harmonious blend of food and art.

In the upcoming season, Solbam will also feature works by Korea’s top artists through continued collaboration with Arte.K. Our goal is to bring diverse experiences, new perspectives, and lasting impressions to our patrons through a variety of styles and genres. We eagerly await your visit to share in the richness of art and culture.


To purchase the artwork, or further inqueries;

arte.K Gallery +82 2 6203 0101


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