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From Soil to Table: Solbam's New Challenge

The Solbam team is working with chef Eom Hyun-jung of Franlokal and local farmers in Yangpyeong to create a new long-term project.

Various ingredients arrive at the restaurant every day. Ranging from vegetables, seafood, and meat, these ingredients await the hands of the kitchen team. All members of the kitchen team carefully trim and handle the ingredients and place them on the dining table. However, the more you think about the nature of cooking, the more you realize that there is a long journey beyond what happens just in the kitchen.

Solbam's new farming project, which began in spring 2023, started with this concern. Prior to the food reaching the table, we believe that if we can express our intentions and sincerity through the process of raising the ingredients, we will surely be able to better convey the meaning and value of what we do to our guests. We believe that by maintaining close relationships with farmers and learning how to cultivate the crops, we can cook definetely better - understanding the nature throughout the seasons and diverse weather conditions. Our team goes out to the field to harvest, cultivate, assist farmers, and contribute to creating a better environment together.

Chef Eom Hyun-jung, who runs a local dining restaurant "Franlokal" in Yangpyeong, directly grows crops using natural farming methods, communicates with local farmers, and practices farm-to-table. She has been a great help to us- Solbam team. We will also present a collaborative relationship and some dining events featuring vegetables grown together from sowing to cultivation, allowing us to learn about the importance and love for vegetables by sharing the entire process from the ground to the table.


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