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[Collaboration] Solbam X Jueun

Team Solbam and Team Restaurant Jueun

This collaboration is started by combining the two chefs' different perspectives on Korean food and their respect for the seasons and nature of our land. In this event held at Restaurant Jueun, we have put the hearts of both restaurant teams.

Our chef Taejun Eom says he has learned a lot through this collaboration with Jueun, which specializes in presenting elevated Korean cuisine. "The part I am currently pondering is 'Korean food.' Although Solbam does not present traditional Korean cuisine, I have a belief that one can become a better chef only when he understands his cultural heritage. It is undeniable that ingredients are the most crucial starting point for cooking, and Korean food has developed with the best flavors using ingredients from local soil. The combination of various ingredients has already been proven. I am grateful that I can grow one step further through exchanges with Chef Park Jueun, who has been passionate about Korean food for a long time."

Chef Taejun Eon of Solbam and Chef Jueun Park of Restaurant Jueun

"I feel so grateful that our team have grown

one step further after this inspiring collaboration."

- Chef TJ Eom

Alongside the food, we have also put a lot of effort into pairing alcoholic beverages. The beverage pairing, which awakens the senses with a cool tonic based on Solsongju and adds a boundary-less beauty to the meals with wines from various regions and local makgeolli in Seochon, is the result of a long-term exchange between Solbam's head sommelier, Dong-yeonKo , and Restaurant Jueun's head sommelier Juyong Kim.


"The more I think about cooking and how to express a better idea using the ingredients from this land, the more I feel a desire for what is closest to us - what we already have. We will respect the climate, ingredients, and traditions of Korean cuisine and engage more with our fellow chefs who are developing alongside us. The most important thing is to understand the core of our culture in the process of grasping the framework and identity based on myself. I will strive to learn more and improve." Chef Taejun Eom expresses his feelings about the event and how he intends to develop with his colleagues.

ⓒ Photos : Julia Lee


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