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Champagne Seoul: Laurant-Perrier Dinner at Solbam

As part of the renowned "Champagne Seoul," the largest champagne festival in Asia, Solbam proudly offers an exclusive champagne dinner featuring Laurant-Perrier.

Laurent Perrier stands among the world's top five champagne brands. As a family-run establishment, rather than a corporate conglomerate, it holds the distinction of being the largest in the Champagne region, with a storied history and a wealth of expertise spanning over two centuries. The company boasts an extensive 150-hectare vineyard, exclusively sourcing its grapes from the Champagne Grand Cru region, including Montagne de Reims, Vallee de la Marne, and Cote des Blancs.

Laurent Perrier is one of the select few champagne houses granted the prestigious Royal Warrant by the United Kingdom. Notably, Prince Charles personally endorsed Laurent Perrier, making it the sole recipient of this honor among its peers. Renowned wine critic Robert Parker has also bestowed high praise, declaring, "Laurent Perrier is the quintessential champagne, epitomizing exquisite balance, refined taste, dignity, and elegance."

The history of Laurent Perrier dates back to its founding in 1812, over two centuries ago. Bernard de Nonancourt, the visionary behind Laurent Perrier's rise to international acclaim, orchestrated over a hundredfold growth in both quantity and quality, championing the philosophy of "Quality Product, Quality People" around 1950. He ardently believed that sustainability hinged on producing only exceptional champagne with dedicated artisans. In the 1950s, he introduced stainless steel fermentation, pioneering innovation within the Champagne region and earning global recognition.

Chardonnay takes center stage as the primary grape variety at Laurent Perrier, embodying the essence of freshness, delicacy, and elegance. Savor the range of Laurent Perrier's champagnes alongside Solbam's dinner, where the wines' pristine, refined texture and delicacy perfectly complement the culinary experience.

Champagne List

Laurent Perrier, Ultra Brut

Laurent Perrier, La Cuvee

Laurent Perrier, Blanc de Blanc

Laurnet Perrier, Cuvee Rose

Laurent Perrier, Grand Siecle N26

Laurent Perrier, Alexandra Rose 2012

Laurent Perrier, Harmony Demi-sec

Comments from Dongyeon Ko, the Head Sommelier at Solbam:

"I'm truly honored to be a part of this fantastic event, which marks its debut in our country. As a member of this establishment that celebrates the fusion of champagne and culture, my goal is to create a truly memorable experience.

For those of you who have joined us for dinner tonight, we've put together a delectable Solbam meal, delightful memories, and a wine service that will leave a lasting impression on your heart. As a sommelier, I've collaborated with Chef Eom to craft perfect pairings. From the timeless combination of lobster and rosé champagne to the unique flavors and colors of Solbam's dishes, complemented by delicate and elegant vintage champagne... Let's raise a toast to this extraordinary dinner with some exquisite champagne!"


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