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Sustainability: Our simplified the packaging

The last course of Solbam consists of small scones and homemade jam, intended for breakfast the following day. This 'last course' is a reflection of the chef's personal experience, aiming to provide a lighter breakfast after a long and indulgent dinner with wine at a fine dining restaurant.

Solbam endeavors to minimize adverse environmental impacts through various means. One area of concern is the packaging materials, both large and small, generated during the delivery of the final course to guests. We are focused on reducing disposable items and waste in this process, including packaging for chopsticks as a souvenir of Solbam, shopping bags and packaging and stickers for the jam and scones.

Every Monday, before the start of the week, our chef, manager, sommeliers and staff hold regular meetings to discuss various options, including sustainability. We immediately consider whether there are environmental alternatives that are even 1% better than our current practices.

Solbam's gift package has been downsized.

We have moved away from the larger, more elaborate approach (LEFT) and transitioned to a much smaller and simpler package. (RIGHT)

We simplified the packaging for our existing large, thick, ink-printed chopsticks into small craft packaging, reducing paper usage while maintaining cleanliness.

Also, we changed the shopping bags provided to guests to Kraft shopping bags, which are significantly smaller and made from 100% recyclable paper without any coating or printing. We removed the Solbam brand sticker from the glass bottle containing jam and simplified the lid into an easy-to-remove sticker for convenient separation and disposal.

While Solbam aims to provide an extraordinary experience and joy beyond everyday life, it may seem contradictory to exclude fancy packaging and seek the most environmentally friendly alternatives. In the midst of these conflicting values, the Solbam team members continue to search for the 'better' way.

Nevertheless, our approach may not be the perfect answer or the best way. However, in each decision-making process, we strive to make today one step better than yesterday, embodying the value Solbam wishes to uphold. Moving forward, Solbam's final course packaging will continue to evolve in search of ways to protect customer convenience and joy while minimizing environmental impact.


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