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Chef Eom's Favorite Knives by Yu Kurosaki

The story behind a unique turquoise steak knife designed exclusively for Solbam by Yu Kurosaki, a talented young Japanese craftsman who upholds tradition and creates exquisite luxury knives.

Yu Kurosaki is a young blacksmith from Echizen, Japan, who is well-known among world-class chefs interested in knives. He skillfully combines traditional techniques with modern applications, resulting in high-quality craftsmanship.

In his 40s, Yu Kurosaki has gained a stellar reputation for his hand-made knives and is regarded as one of Japan's foremost knife makers. He embarked on his journey as a knife maker during his teenage years and commenced a 12-year apprenticeship in 2002, at the age of 23, under the guidance of Hiroshi Kato. Recognizing Kurosaki's talent, Kato began showcasing his work at numerous international knife fairs, ultimately helping him gain recognition in the industry.

In 2014, Kurosaki established his own studio and has been crafting exquisite knives for over a decade. His technically sophisticated and meticulously designed creations have gained international recognition beyond Japan. Particularly noteworthy is his skillful application of hand-hammered patterns on the soft cladding, enhancing the blade's aesthetic appeal. This artistic technique is a reinterpretation of Japan's rich heritage in arts and crafts, demanding a high level of skill and concentration to achieve a random yet uniform pattern. The Tsuchime patterns, commonly seen on Japanese swords, are characterized by small, round dents reminiscent of the moon's surface. Kurosaki Yu's original Tsuchime design is not only visually stunning but also functional, preventing food from sticking to the blade.

Chef Eom has chosen Kurosaki Knives as his favorite knife brand.

"Perhaps every chef has a different favorite knife from various countries and brands. That's what Kurosaki knife represents for me. The sight of the sun breaking through the sea is called Yunseul, and the knife with its glistening like Yunseul and the captivating pattern that embodies moonlight are all incredibly beautiful. Kurosaki's work, inspired by nature and crafted using his own techniques, aligns perfectly with what I seek.

When Kurosaki visited Korea last time, he came to our restaurant. At that moment, I showed him the collection of Kurosaki knives I had gathered so far, and he genuinely liked them. It was a joyous occasion for me, almost like meeting an idol. I rarely ask guests for photos together, but I couldn't resist taking a picture with Kurosaki because I wanted to create a lasting memory—as a true fan at heart."

This summer, a special gift arrived at Solbam. It was a turquoise-handled steak knife specially made for Solbam by Kurosaki-san. The sides sparkle like a ruffle, and the tip of the knife is finished with particular care for stability. The refreshing beauty of the turquoise earned it the nickname "gems from God." The turquoise handle, symbolizing success and victory, imbues the user with special energy.

Yu Kurosaki's philosophy, which draws inspiration from nature and manifests as "something in life" through human skill and effort, resonates with Solbam's values. At Solbam, we aim to provide you with a moment of inspiration through the use of a beautiful knife.

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